Dehydroacetic Acid Uses in Pharmaceuticals: Impact on Drug Formulations and Stability

Dehydroacetic acid is a safe mildew and preservative agent recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Dehydroacetic acid is gradually degraded to acetic acid in aqueous solution without accumulation, is non-toxic to humans, does not cause irritation to the skin on long-term contact, and does not affect the taste and texture of food in use. This article will introduce dehydroacetic acid uses in pharmaceuticals.

What Is Dehydroacetic Acid

Dehydroacetic acid is a new type of chemical preservative, a broad-spectrum preservative, a very important organic synthesis intermediate, and an excellent plasticizer. Since it was found to have antibacterial property in 1940, it and some of its derivatives have been used as preservatives in many countries. It has high safety and stability, inhibits the propagation of yeast, mold, and bacteria, and is commonly used in the field of food production. Meanwhile, dehydroacetic acid is widely used in various pharmaceutical preparations because of its good stability and safety.

Dehydroacetic Acid Uses in Pharmaceutical Formulations

In pharmaceutical formulations, dehydroacetic acid is usually used as a preservative to prevent microbial contamination of drugs during storage and use. It is capable of reacting with enzymes in microbial cells and disrupting their normal metabolic processes, thereby inhibiting microbial growth. In addition, dehydroacetic acid can interact with other components in the drug to form a stable complex, improving the stability and solubility of the drug.

Effect of Dehydroacetic Acid on Drug Stability

Dehydroacetic acid has a positive effect on the stability of drugs. It can inhibit oxidation and hydrolysis reactions in drugs, preventing degradation and deterioration of drug molecules. At the same time, dehydroacetic acid also reduces light and heat stability problems during storage and improves the long-term stability of drugs. This is of great significance in ensuring the quality and safety of drugs.

Application Prospects and Challenges

With the continuous development of pharmaceutical technology, the application prospect of dehydroacetic acid in the pharmaceutical field is getting broader and broader. However, there are some challenges in the application process. For example, how to determine the optimal concentration of dehydroacetic acid to ensure its antiseptic effect while avoiding adverse effects on other properties of the drug. How to make a good combination with other pharmaceutical ingredients to improve the efficacy and stability of the drug. These issues require in-depth research and exploration by pharmaceutical researchers.

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