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Dehydroacetic Acid is a multifunctional preservative used in cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical products. It is a white, crystalline solid that is soluble in water and acts as a broad-spectrum preservative by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold. Dehydroacetic acid, as one of the common feed supplements and feed additives, is approved for use in many countries, including the European Union and the United States, and is considered to be a relatively safe preservative when used in appropriate concentrations.

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Specification of Dehydroacetic Acid

Cas No520-45-6
Einecs No208-293-9
Molecular Formula C8h8o4
Molecular Weight168.15
AppearanceBeige to Light Yellow Powder, Odorless, Slightly Sour
Melting Point109℃-112℃
Olive Oil<1.6
CharacterIt is Insoluble in Water, and the Ph Value of Saturated Aqueous Solution is 4. Stable to Heat, Non Hygroscopic, Volatile with Water Vapor when Heated.

Dehydroacetic Acid Uses

Dehydroacetic acid (DHA) Cas 520-45-6 is a chemical compound that finds various applications in different fine chemical industries, including skincare, cosmetics, and the food industry. Its versatile nature and beneficial properties have made it a popular ingredient in these sectors.

Dehydroacetic Acid for Skin:

In skin care, dehydroacetic acid is known for its preservative properties. It helps inhibit the growth of microorganisms and extends the shelf life of cosmetic products. By preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds, dehydroacetic acid helps maintain the safety and efficacy of skincare formulations, especially those that contain water or other moisture-rich ingredients. Additionally, its broad-spectrum antimicrobial action makes it an effective ingredient in products like lotions, creams, and serums.

Dehydroacetic Acid in Cosmetics:

Dehydroacetic acid is also widely used in cosmetics due to its ability to stabilize and preserve formulations. It helps prevent product degradation caused by exposure to air, light, or temperature fluctuations. By maintaining the stability of cosmetics, dehydroacetic acid ensures that the products remain effective and safe for use over an extended period.

Dehydroacetic Acid in Food:

Furthermore, dehydroacetic acid is approved for use as a food additive by regulatory bodies in many countries. It is primarily used as a preservative in food products, especially those that are prone to microbial contamination. DHA helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds, thus extending the shelf life of various food items. It is commonly used in processed foods, sauces, dressings, and beverages.

It is important to note that dehydroacetic acid is considered safe for use within the specified limits set by regulatory authorities. However, as with any ingredient, individual sensitivity or allergies may occur, and it is advisable to check the ingredient list and consult a healthcare professional if needed.

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