Conductive Paint Spraying Process Instructions

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Spray conductive paint construction before the preparation.

(1) spray gun caliber: 0.5MM²-0.8MM²

(2) paint dilution ratio: silver copper conductive paint: thinner = 1: 0.5 (weight ratio), no thinner models directly spray

Spray conductive paint construction methods.

(1) dilution: conductive paint placed for a long time, the metal filler will precipitate, dilution must be fully stirred until no precipitate.

(2) workpiece cleaning: if there is a serious film release agent or other residual material, please use the shell wipe water cleaning.

(3) gun cleaning: must be cleaned with diluted water before use.

(4) gun debugging: gun fog not too loose (focus on some), gun air pressure is slightly smaller, oil volume slightly larger. Gun and workpiece distance 10CM (± Conductive paint sprayed on the workpiece with a sense of wetness.

(5) research workpiece difficulty nodes: first test spray conductive paint products first, according to the customer's request for test points, to see the distribution of nodes over the standard. Two ways to solve.

1. Spray conductive paint process timely adjustment, "focus on the start of the spray", " uniform painting ".

2. The inspectors use a brush to make up the over-standard points.

(6) Cross-painting method: It can spray a more uniform coating and ensure the film thickness is 10-14 microns. When spraying conductive paint with half barrel of hanging can (2KG), ten work pieces must be sprayed back to the gun (i.e.: re-stir the conductive paint with air pressure to prevent precipitation). In general, customers are not recommended to use the crane type spraying, because its conductive paint by diluting the metal powder easier to precipitate, can be used with a can spray gun conductive paint to ease the precipitation of conductive paint metal powder.


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